Hey, I’m Heidi and I am a 24 year old make-up artist and owner of this blog. This platform is a way for me to express my creativity when it comes to make-up as well as document my life throughout my twenties.

I got my certificate in make-up artistry from Make-Up Designory (MUD) in April of 2016 but my interest in all things beauty and make-up was sparked at a much earlier age. My aim is to help you, weather you’re a beginner or a fellow artist like me, to understand the theory behind make-up better and why we do the things we do when it comes to make-up.

Since I think sharing is caring, when I feel that a written word just doesn’t cut it, I also have a youtube channel to further demonstrate and show you with a step-by-step guide video.


You’re more than welcome to get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to work with me just head over to my contact page.



Hi, my name is Hildigunnur (more commonly known as Heidi) and I'm a 25 year old female born and raised in Iceland. I decided to combine two of my passions, make-up artistry and true crime, and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I like to write about it.

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